The so-called Edge-LIT or Edge-LED technology is an affordable typeΒ of backlighting for LCD TVs and represents the energy-efficient minimum standard in this area today. For this reason, you will often see this functional principle in comparatively low-price TVs.

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Edge-LED: Affordable but less accurate

Basically, this production method is less expensive than, for example, placing a full matrix behind the liquid crystal layer in the panel, but it leads to a loss of picture quality.Β 

In principle, all light-emitting diodes are arranged around the edge of the screen. On this basis, the display surface is illuminated from the inside. A special synthetic layer in the panel takes care of the light distribution. This way, a flat design of the TV is achieved, but a rather wide, imprecise illumination is realized.Β 

A considerable disadvantage of this: The built-in LEDs have to shine particularly bright in order to illuminate the entire display effectively all the way to the centre. Especially in dimly lit scenes, a more or less conspicuous grey haze tends to cover the display. You can see this effect best in a dark room.Β 

Accordingly, TVs with this technology do not achieve a very high contrast and suffer from weak black levels. So if you value a high quality with rich colours, you should look for models from the mini-LED or OLED range, for example.

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