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The 8K top model from Samsung

The Samsung 8K Neo QLED QN900A is this year’s top model in Samsung’s 8K lineup. This year’s selection of Samsung TVs features the Mini LED backlight feature. This ensures that the dimming zones can be divided further than it was previously the case with traditional LED TVs. Samsung itself calls this feature Neo QLED, which is how the lineup’s names originated. Besides a very thin design, the TV also has an incredibly great picture. The motion handling is also great due to a very low response time and ensures an extremely fast image sequence without motion blur. With great gaming features and HDMI 2.1 ports, even the latest consoles can be played to their full potential. In this article, you’ll find out if the price of the QN900A is justified – or not.

Samsung Neo QLED QN900A Prices

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QN900A with ultra-thin design

The Samsung QN900A makes a really good impression with its Infinity Screen design. This design makes the TV look frameless and it is also extremely thin. With a thickness of just 1.6 cm, the TV not only looks good freestanding, but also on the wall. The minimalist design is very similar to the slightly cheaper Samsung QN800A.

The QN900A has a one-connect box, which makes cable management very simple. Only one cable leads from the TV to the power outlet, which is beneficial for the look. There are a total of 8 visible speakers at the back of the TV, but they are very shallow, which does not affect the depth of the TV.

Even with the shallow depth and frameless design, the picture quality is not affected and is really impressive.

verarbeitung Samsung Neo QLED QN900A
  • One-Connect-Box
  • Ultra-thin design
  • Eight offene Lautsprecher
  • Plastic on the connectors

High contrast ratio thanks to FALD

The picture quality of the Samsung QN900A is really impressive. Even though the 8K resolution is not really used yet, it is definitely possible that you will be able to admire the true picture power at some point in its full range. The fairly low native contrast ratio of 1650:1 is boosted up to 15400:1 by the solid Local Dimming feature with 1344 dimming zones.

This makes the image really nice to look at and with the help of the maximum brightness of up to 1700Nits, the picture quality is improved even more. The Mini LED technology divides the dimming zones even more than conventional LED TVs. As a result, black tones are displayed better. However, the reproduction of deep blacks is rather poor without the local dimming feature, which can lead to a grayish shimmer.

Reflections are handled very well, but if a lot of light falls on the TV, a rainbow-like shimmer is created, which is difficult to notice, though. The viewing angle of the VA panel is artificially widened by the Ultra Viewing Angle layer. With the help of this coating, you don’t have to sit at a straight angle in front of the TV, but have the possibility to enjoy movies and series even with larger groups and without having to accept a loss of picture quality.

In the HDR picture area, you can admire the true quality of the TV. The Samsung QN900A device uses a Wide Color Garmut and the color coverage is also very broad. With the help of the high contrast ratio, rich and full colors are created that simply look beautiful. The problem with the TV is, that the local dimming creates a slight blooming effect. Especially during sporting events, this can get a bit annoying. Dolby Vision is also not available.

bildqualitaet Samsung Neo QLED QN900A
Picture Quality
  • VA Panel
  • Max. contrast ratio 15400:1
  • Mini LED FALD with 1344 zones
  • Max. Brightness 1700Nits
  • Blooming
  • No Dolby Vision

Very low response time

The Samsung QN900A has incredibly good motion handling. The special feature here is the extremely low response time of just 2.5ms. This means that there is hardly any motion blur during fast camera movements, but this low response time can lead to stutters during slow movements. With the help of the Black Frame Insertion feature, black frames are inserted between images, which leads to motion blur being reduced even more.

The 8K TV automatically removes all judder and the backlight flickers at 960Hz. This makes it look like a constant illumination and a real flickering is not visible to the naked eye.

motionhandling Samsung Neo QLED QN900A
Motion Handling
  • 120Hz Panel
  • Response time 2,5ms
  • No Judder
  • Backlight flickers @960Hz
  • Stutter

Good Gaming Performance

The Samsung QN900A has quite a good performance in terms of gaming. With an HDMI 2.1 port, VRR FreeSync Premium Pro and ALLM, the TV is already well equipped for next-gen consoles. Only GSync is not available for all graphics cards, only for the new NVidia RTX 3080. Due to the incredibly great motion handling, fast games like shooters or sports games are a real pleasure. The low input lag of 10ms at [email protected] ensures that there is no noticeable input lag beyond that.

Samsung also introduced the GameBar this year. By pressing the play/pause button for a longer time, a screen appears where you can view useful information, like the FPS.

Those who would like to use the TV as a PC monitor should keep in mind that BGR subpixels are used. Both, the subpixels and the 8K resolution, make the picture look slightly blurry when you sit too close to the screen.

gaming Samsung Neo QLED QN900A
  • HDMI 2.1
  • VRR FreeSync Premium Pro
  • ALLM
  • Input Lag 10ms
  • GameBar
  • Response time 2,5ms

Clear dialogs but no bass

The 8K TV has 6.2.2 channel speakers with an 80 watt output. What sounds good at first, unfortunately has some problems. While the mids and highs are well tuned, the open speakers unfortunately lack bass. Dialogs are transmitted loudly and clearly, but those who want a real cinema feeling should definitely consider getting a soundbar. For a TV in this price range, one would have wished for better sound.

The connection between a soundbar and the TV is aided by an HDMI eARC port on this unit. There is no DTS on this model either, though you can use Dolby Atmos. Q-Symphony allows sounds to be played simultaneously on the TV and the soundbar, which also improves audio playback.

sound Samsung Neo QLED QN900A
  • Good dialogue sound
  • QSymphony
  • Tuned highs and mids
  • eARC and Dolby Atmos
  • Lack of bass
  • No DTS

Rechargeable remote control

One of the best smart TV features is undoubtedly found in form of the remote control on the Samsung 8K Neo QLED QN900A. The Neo QLED series uses a rechargeable remote control. This means you no longer have to change batteries, but can charge the smart remote via a USB-C port or via the built-in solar panels. The revised operating system, Tizen 6.0, runs very smoothly and provides a large selection of apps. Unfortunately, it comes with ads that cannot be turned off.

The built-in twin tuner makes it possible to use functions like recording or timeshift. The Google Voice Assistant has also been integrated into the 8K TV. This means that the QN900A can now be controlled remotely via Alexa, Bixby or Google’s voice assistant.

smarttv Samsung Neo QLED QN900A
Smart TV
  • Tizen 6.0
  • Voice control
  • Alexa integrated
  • Google Voice Assistant integrated
  • Bixby integrated
  • Large selection of Apps
  • Twin Tuner
  • Advertising that cannot be switched off
  • Rechargeable remote control

8K TV with great picture quality

The Samsung QN900A shows what a top model from Samsung is capable of. The Mini-LED TV from the South Korean manufacturer is just 1.6 cm thick and looks simply beautiful with its minimalistic Infinity Screen design. Due to the materials used, you immediately get the impression that it must be a high-end TV, even though the TV wobbles slightly when it stands on the stand. Despite the low depth, the picture quality is impressive.

The wide viewing angle and solid Local Dimming feature with 1344 dimming zones allow you to enjoy your favorite movies with the whole family without sacrificing quality. With the help of the very low response time of 2.5ms and a good Black Frame Insertion feature, faster camera movements can be enjoyed (almost) without any motion blur.

For gaming, the Samsung QN900A has been equipped with an HDMI 2.1 port, VRR FreeSync and ALLM. This means you can also play games with the next-gen consoles and really get the best out of them. The sound from the device’s 6.2.2 channel speakers is unfortunately rather disappointing, even if it is better when compared to the other 8K model – the QN800A. The best smart TV feature is definitely considered to be the rechargeable remote, which is standard for the Neo-QLED range since 2021.

The question whether 8K is worthwhile cannot be answered fundamentally. The 8K resolution is not really common yet, and most content is displayed in Full HD or 4K. Thus, you have to carefully consider whether you see 8K as a future technology and want to buy such a TV.

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Movie and series lovers will love this TV
  • Picture quality in bright environments
  • HDR performance
  • Max. contrast ratio 15400:1
  • Max. Brightness 1700Nits
  • Lack of bass
  • No Dolby Vision
  • Blooming

Samsung Neo QLED QN900A Prices

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