Sony PS5 vs Xbox Series X specs

Sony and Microsoft are again head to head when it comes to their new next generation consoles. Especially the hardware specifications are key when it comes to convincing its fans to buy the console that is right for their gaming needs. To help you with your decision, we put together all necessary information for you. Here you will find all technical data, additional gaming equipment and recommendations for suitable TVs to round up your ultimate gaming experience.

At first sight the consoles do look different based on the appearance but we all know that the inner values count. Therefore, we prepared a table with all necessary technical data that will help you to decide which console fits your needs best. However, based simply on the technical specifications the Xbox Series X wins the next-generation-game.

Overview of the technical specifications

ConsolePlayStation 5PlayStation 5 Digital EditionXbox series XXbox series S
CPU8 Core Zen 2
@ max 3.5 GHz
8 Core Zen 2
@ max 3.5 GHz
8 Core Zen 2 @ 3.66-3.8 GHz8 Core Zen 2 @ @ 3.4-3.6 GHz
GPURDNA v2 with 36 CUs @ 2.23 GHz (10.3 TeraFlops)RDNA v2 with 36 CUs @ 2.23 GHz (10.3 TeraFlops)RDNA v2 with 52 CUs @ 1.825 GHz (12.15 TeraFlops)RDNA v2 mit 20 CUs @ 1.565 GHz (4 TeraFlops)
RAM16 GB GDDR6 @ 448 GB/s16 GB GDDR6 @ 448 GB/s10 GB GDDR6 @ 560 GB/s + 6 GB GDDR6 @ 336 GB/s8 GB GDDR6 @ 224 GB/s + 2 GB GDDR6 @ 56 GB/s
Built-in storage825 GB PCIe Gen4 SSD @ 5.5 GB/s825 GB PCIe Gen4 SSD @ 5.5 GB/s1 TB PCIe Gen4 SSD @ 2.4 GB/s512GB PCIe Gen4 SSD @ 2.4 GB/s
Storage ExpansionNVMe-SSDs (M2), which are fast enoughNVMe-SSDs (M2), which are fast enoughOnly designated NVMe-SSDs by SeagateOnly designated NVMe-SSDs by Seagate
Confirmed Resolution4K @ up to 120 fps
4K @ up to 120 fps
4K @ up to 120 fps
1440p @ 120fps
(4K Upscaling for Games)
HDRDolby VisionDolby Vision
AudioTempest 3D Audio EngineTempest 3D Audio EngineCustom Audio Hardware Block,
Dolby Atmos
Custom Audio Hardware Block,
Dolby Atmos
Backwards CompatibiltyOnly PS4 & PS4 ProOnly PS4 & PS4 ProAll Xbox generationsAll Xbox generations
BluRay Player4K BluRayAll Digital4K BluRayAll Digital
ConnectionHDMI 2.1HDMI 2.1HDMI 2.1HDMI 2.1
Pre-order dateNot yet disclosedNot yet disclosed09/22/202009/22/2020
Link for pre-orderfollowing soonfollowing soonfollowing soonfollowing soon

Xbox Series X has more Power

As you can see from the table relatively quickly, the Xbox Series X brings more CPU and GPU power to the table. On the one hand the processor can be clocked faster and the graphics card delivers up to 12 instead of only 10.3 Teraflops. This means that the multiplatform titles on the Xbox Series X could look a little bit better in the end. However, both companies rely on the super fast NVMe SSDs, which can also be seen as a kind of extended memory. And in this respect, the Xbox Series X lags behind the PS5.

But what will certainly please all Xbox fans is that the new console will be completely backwards compatible. This means that all Xbox games from all generations can be played on the Xbox.

Of course, the Xbox Series X also comes with an extra audio chip that enables not only object-based surround sound but also audio ray tracing. Furthermore, both DTS:X and Dolby Atmos should be possible.

Unfortunately, there will be only one official, external memory expansion for the time being. Microsoft is working together with Seagate on this and will release external memory expansion at the end of the year which will cost around 100 €.

While the PlayStation 5 will rely on their exclusive titles, Microsoft expanded their Xbox-Game-Pass massively. Not only will it include every EA-Play game at the end of the year, but with Microsofts takeover of the game developer company Bethesda it will also have exclusive rights for games like DOOM or Fallout. Therefore, you will get over 100 games for just 10 € a month and expand your gaming collection in no time.

Official Xbox Series X Website

Offizielles Video zur Demonstration der neuen SSD in der Xbox Series X

Differences between X and S

The most obvious difference between the Xbox consoles X and S is the missing disc drive which makes the Xbox Series S an all digital console. That is also noticeable when it comes to pricing since the S version is the cheapest console of all four. But that comes at a price. While the Xbox Series X can convince with its native 4K, the S will only have 4K-Upscaling and less memory capacity. Especially with being a digital console this is an issue even though the memory capacity can be expanded externally.

Additional equipment for more fun

A console needs additional equipment for the ultimate gaming experience. At some point one controller will not be sufficient anymore because you want to play with your friends. So far there are three wireless controllers on the market in blue, white and black as well as a Play and Charge Kit. This will charge your controller even when your console is in standby and without the usage of regular batteries. The controllers have been modernized compared to the Xbox One version and due to their new ergonomic form they will fit even small hands perfectly. It also comes with the new share button that lets you record and share content easily.

Xbox Series X/S equipment for the ultimate gaming experience

Which TV delivers the best picture?

You do not just want to buy a new console but also a new and fitting TV? We have selected TVs at different price ranges for you to complete your gaming setup.

The ultimate TV for the Xbox Series X is the LG OLED CX which bring to you the most amazing viewing quality with maximum contrast and the deepest black. Additionally, the LG OLED CX has magnificent motion handling and a solid response time without any delay.

PS5 – even faster SSD!

The Sony Playstation 5 has a somewhat weaker processor and graphics performance on paper than the Xbox Series X. However, the PS5 has two immense advantages. The first advantage is that there will already be exclusive titles for the PS5 when it is launches during the holiday season. The second advantage is that the SSD is more than twice as fast. And this point is extremely important. Because in addition to shorter loading times, the SSDs on both consoles are also intended to serve as a kind of RAM expansion and here the PS5 has a clear advantage.

The PS5 uses its own object-based audio format, Tempest 3D AudioTech Engine, which is said to be even better than Dolby Atmos. According to Sony, this engine was developed for a high-precision audio positioning which gives you an even more realistic gaming experience since you can now localize noises around you even more precisely.

Sony has also announced that there is no exclusive memory expansion, to make room for competition. The SSDs would only have to meet Sony’s high quality standards. There is still no list of recommended SSDs from Sony…

Offizielle PS5 Website

Offizielle Präsentation der PS5 Spezifikationen

Differences between the normal and digital version

The most obvious difference here is also the missing disc drive which is why the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition will no longer work as an alternative Blu-ray-player. Others than that, the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition is the same as the normal one and will not have to deal with any technical losses like the Xbox Series S compared to Series X. Only the price distinguishes them since the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition is only 100 € cheaper than the normal version.

Even more equipment for your gaming setup

The PlayStation 5 will be released with even more fitting equipment than the Xbox Series X. This includes additional DualSense wireless controller, a special media remote, a HD-camera, a headset and a DualSense charging station that lets you charge two controllers at once.

Especially the controller comes with many upgrades compared to the PlayStation 4 version. The haptic feedback as well as the adaptive triggers lets you experience games on a whole new level. You will experience every movement of the game immediately and the game will adapt to your to your movements and actions. With the special media remote you can now easily navigate through the PlayStation 5 menus. The new HD-camera will capture you and your gaming experience in smooth and sharp Full-HD and a built-in stand. The Headset was designed especially for the PlayStation 5 3D Audio and is also compatible with PlayStation 4, Windows and macOS.

Additional equipment for PlayStation 5

Which TV delivers the best picture?

You do not just want to buy a new console but also a new and fitting TV? We have selected several TVs at different price ranges for you to complete your gaming setup.

The ultimate TV for the Xbox Series X is the LG OLED CX which bring to you the most amazing viewing quality with maximum contrast and the deepest black. Additionally, the LG OLED CX has magnificent motion handling and a solid response time without any delay.

Next Gen console vs Gaming PC

Many will now think: “All well and good but a High-End Gaming PC is even better!

This sentence is only correct at first glance. The first thing to consider is that the consoles will probably be considerably cheaper in the long run than a high-end gaming PC. And more importantly, the consoles have the hardware designed so that the games can be developed for them. Combined with what you can get out of the fast SSD, this makes the consoles serious competitors, even for gaming PCs.

One advantage regarding the PC being the better console is the Xbox-Game-Pass. This will provide you with the same gaming collection on a PC despite delays regarding exclusive console titles. If you already own a High-End Gaming PC, you will not necessarily miss out on Xbox games. A similar offer does not exists for PlayStation games.

Which console is better?

It will be difficult to answer this question. According to our estimates, the performance is close enough to each other that hardly anyone will “change camp” based on technical issues. The PS5 will probably score with considerably more and probably better exclusive titles at first but those will eventually be also available sooner or later on other platforms. Nevertheless, Microsoft has gained many customers based on its Bethesda takeover because it is still unknown if those titles will remain Xbox exclusives. But you won’t miss out on those titles when you already have a decent gaming PC.

However, the Xbox Series X will be better in terms of raw performance. This will then become particularly apparent with multi-platform titles, which will not differ that much from each other in the end. In the end it’s up to you and your gaming preferences as well as the feeling of nostalgia.

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