Differences in the LG OLED Line Up: B9, C9, E9, & W9

The first 2019 LG OLED TVs are available now! You can already buy the LG C9 and E9. The slightly cheaper B9, the Signature Wallpaper TV W9, the rollable OLED R9 and the 8K OLED Z9 will follow later in the year.

New Features of the 2019 LG OLEDs

LG is equipping its 2019 OLED Line Up with a number of new features. They will become even smarte and with HDMI 2.1 ready for the future!

Neue AI Features

The C, E and W series will have LG’s Alpha 9 Gen 2 processor. Whereas the B series will only have the Alpha 7 Gen 2 chipset. Like last year the noticeable differences will probably be marginal though.

These new chipsets improve a couple of automatic functions. “AI Picture” will be enhancing picture quality by using deep learning algorithms. There especially is an upgrade in the Dynamic Tone Mapping compared to last year’s.

With “AI Sound” a normal Stereo signal will be artificially enhanced to a virtual 5.1 Surround Sound. In addition there will be an automatic sound calibration to optimize the sound stage to your seating position and room.

Naturally, as in the 2018 line up, Dolby Vision, HDR10, Advanced HDR by Technicolor, DTS & Dolby Atmos will again be supported.

LG OLED 2019 with Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa
LG OLED 2019 with Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa

Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa

For now the new LG OLEDs will already have the Google Assistant next to LG’s own voice assistant.

Throughout the year Amazon’s Alexa will be added. Last but not least there also is an update for the webOS 4.5 planned which adds Apple AirPlay 2 support.

[email protected] with HDMI 2.1

The thing people were longing for the most probably is HDMI 2.1 – Meaning 4K with 120Hz via HDMI. The 2019 OLEDs will not only have HDMI 2.1 though.

Certain models will also include a VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) and all of them will come with the ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode), an automatic game mode feature.


LG Electronics OLED55B8PUA 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV (2018 Model)See price

The B9 will be LG’s cheapest OLED. It’ll have slightly fewer AI features as the C9 due to its weaker processor.

This will hardly affect picture quality though. The design is almost exactly the same as last year’s B8 but it will have all the new features mentioned above.


The LG OLED C9 will be the cheapest model having the maximum smart tv and picture quality LG has to offer.

Compared to last year’s OLED C8, the C9 (55 & 65 inches) will also have a different stand with a cable management solution. The 77 inch model is slightly different in design (looks like C8) and will not have the cable management and VRR feature.

LG OLED55C9PUA Alexa Built-in C9 Series 55" 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV (2019)See price


LG OLED55E9PUA Alexa Built-in E9 Series 55" 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV (2019)See price

As in 2018 the E series will be quite similar to the C series. The difference between C9 and E9 will only be in sound quality and design. Compared to last year’s E8 the design of the E9 has become even sleeker.

And with the new stand just extending to the rear you’ll have a cable management solution. The height of the E9 also decreased by a little more than one inch.

Update September 2019: LG Electronics has announced that the LG C9 and E9 will also be capable of Nvidia G-Sync in the near future. This way VRR for gaming without tearing is also possible with Nvidia graphics cards.


The LG OLED W9 will be available roughly one month after the previously mentioned OLEDs. It will look fairly similar to its predecessor the LG OLED W8 but have the new AI features as well as HDMI 2.1.

Sadly there will be no VRR on the Signature Wallpaper TV.

LG SIGNATURE OLED65W9PUA Alexa Built-in  W9 65" 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV (2019)See price

Differences in the LG OLED: B9, C9, E9, & W9

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Size55 & 65 inches77 inches55 & 65 inches55 & 65 inches65 & 77 inches
ChipsetAlpha 7 Gen 2Alpha 9 Gen 2Alpha 9 Gen 2Alpha 9 Gen 2Alpha 9 Gen 2
HDMI 2.1
Cable Managementthrough the standthrough the standat the soundbar
Google Assistant
Amazon AlexaSoftware UpdateSoftware UpdateSoftware UpdateSoftware UpdateSoftware Update
Apple AirPlay 2Software UpdateSoftware UpdateSoftware UpdateSoftware UpdateSoftware Update
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