Within the TV industry, the label Nanocell usually refers to certain models from the South Korean electronics company LG. Devices from this series feature an additional layer of so-called nanoparticles, which is placed in the panel. In connection with this marketing term, the manufacturer mainly advertises improved colour reproduction.

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Nanocell: LG’s answer to Quantum Dots

Nanocell technology was developed by LG Display, a subsidiary of LG Corporation, and has been used exclusively in selected televisions since 2017. Thereby, the aforementioned nanoparticles are used to achieve better colour fidelity. Lower light reflection and a wider viewing angle are additional advantages of this enhancement approach.

Technically, the idea is based on a layer of particles, each about one nanometre in diameter, which is equal to one 10 millionth of a centimetre. These microparticles are embedded in the screen and are able to absorb certain wavelengths of light.

The main target is to filter out the colour range between green and red as effectively as possible. This allows the overall colours to be better separated from each other and increases the colour accuracy.

Attention: Nanocell and Quantum Dots are not identical. In order to give you a better understanding of the differences, we have created a table below.

AttributeQuantum DotsNanocell
MaterialSemiconductor materials (cadmium selenide or indium phosphide)Inorganic material
Method of operationEmit light of a certain colour when stimulated by a light source. Convert blue light into red or green light.Act as a filter that absorbs unwanted wavelengths and allows only red and green light to pass through.
UsageCan be used in various types of displays, including LCDs and OLEDs. Positioned within a layer on top of a LCD's backlight.Used specifically in some LG LCD models and are embedded in the LCD panel itself.
Light emissionGot their own light emissionHave no light emission of their own, instead serve as a filter
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