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The South Korean manufacturer Samsung will of course be bringing new devices onto the market again in 2020, which need not hide from other brands. One of them is the Q70T, a low-priced 4K QLED TV, which is officially considered the successor of the Q70R, but is more similar to the Q60R in its features. However, Samsung’s eye seems to be on the new generation of consoles, which could make the Q70T shine in comparison to its namesake. But does this perhaps leave some other important aspects by the wayside that are essential for a good movie and streaming experience? Has anything changed compared to last year, or has everything remained the same? On tvfindr you can find all the information you need to decide whether the Q70T is an upgrade or not.

Build quality of the Samsung Q70T QLED

The Q70T has an almost identical look as the Q60R, which also makes a high-quality impression. The minimalist design is underlined by the screen’s narrow feet and very thin frame, and generally looks classy and modern. What’s also positive is that the TV sits very close to the wall due to its shallow depth when a suitable mount is used. Unfortunately, the TV is made entirely of plastic, which is well made but gives a less valuable impression than metal.

When using the feet, they are easy to mount, as no screws are needed and the feet snap into a bracket on the bottom. Even without screws, the TV stands firmly and only wobbles a little when pushed.

The interfaces point to the side of the back, so that the cables do not interfere even when using a wall mount and all interfaces are easily accessible. There are also cut-outs on the back for cable management and clips are included to keep the cables neatly in place on the feet – simple but effective for good cable management.

verarbeitung Samsung Q70T QLED
  • High quality minimalist design
  • Easy mounting
  • Clips for cable management included
  • Completely made of plastic
  • Stands a little wobblier than its predecessor

Good picture quality despite the lack of Local Dimming

By using a VA type panel, a deep and even black is produced, which is especially effective in dark rooms. However, due to the VA type panel, the viewing angle is quite narrow. The picture therefore looks blurred and not very attractive when viewed from the side. The wide color gamut provides rich colors and is very beneficial for HDR. Although there is no Local Dimming, the use of Dual LED Technology produces good contrast and image quality. Although the Q70T can not provide cinema-like picture quality, the result is quite good. Reflections on the display are somewhat dispersed by a semi-gloss layer. But in a brightly lit room or in sunlight, strong reflections are unavoidable with this method, which is typical in this price category. However, the device can also be used well in brighter rooms due to a sufficiently high maximum brightness.

In summary, the picture is quite convincing and the brightness of the colours makes a good impression when the device is placed just in front of the couch and in a room that is not too bright.

bildqualitaet Samsung Q70T QLED
Image quality
  • Deep and even black
  • Wide color gamut
  • Contrast 7100:1
  • Dispersion of reflections
  • Maximum brightness ~500 Nits
  • Poor viewing angle
  • No local dimming

Convincing motion handling

The Q70T’s motion handling is good with its Refresh Rate of 120 Hz. It scores very well in terms of Response Time, so the color change of an LED only takes 7 ms, which only leads to minimal motion blur with fast moving objects. But this will hardly be visible in bright scenes. The backlighting flickers at a frequency of 600 Hz, which is perceived by the human eye as a continuous fluid illumination and therefore isn’t disturbing. In Game Mode Plus, this frequency is reduced to 120 Hz, which should not be noticeable either. This mode is intended to minimize motion blur and judder in games with fast frame changes. Motion interpolation is available, but it can lead to many artifacts in intense scenes and also to doubling in fast scenes.

motionhandling Samsung Q70T QLED
Motion Handling
  • 120 Hz
  • Fast response time ~7 ms
  • No flickering backlight
  • Good Response Time
  • Motion Interpolation (but with minor flaws)

The entry level device for the upcoming consoles?

For gamers with a Playstation 4 Pro or Xbox One X, the TV has all the features you need for a great gaming experience with 4K HDR games. The incredibly low Input Lag of 9 ms in combination with the Auto Low Latency Mode ensures that the TV feels extremely responsive immediately after switching on  your gaming console . Therefore it is perfect for very fast or hectic games. It is also equipped with VRR via FreeSync and can thus avoid Screen Tearing. That Samsung TV is also aiming for new consoles becomes clear when you consider that this mid-range TV is equipped with an HDMI 2.1 port. The HDMI 2.1 standard supports a 4K resolution with 120 fps. Both Microsoft and Sony have announced that their new consoles will have a 4K resolution with a refresh rate of 120 Hz. So with the Q70T, all the tracks are laid for the Playstation 5 or the Xbox Series X.

However, it must be mentioned that it is more likely to be played alone or online. The low viewing angle due to the VA type panel in combination with the problem of delivering a good picture result in bright rooms limits the gaming experience when several people want to play together at the same time. Playing the latest FIFA in the afternoon with the whole team will be difficult as long as not everyone is sitting straight in front of the Q70T and the afternoon sun does not light up the room too much.

gaming Samsung Q70T QLED
  • HDMI 2.1
  • VRR via FreeSync
  • Extremely low Input Lag (9 ms)
  • Auto Low Latency Mode

Surprisingly decent sound

Of course, the built-in speakers in this price category are no mere revelation, but they do deliver quite reasonable sound quality. The bass is naturally a bit weak with built-in speakers, but still better than in most other TVs. The two speakers with a total of 20 W (RMS) are sufficient for a normal sized living room to be able to clearly understand dialogues and create a good atmosphere. For the cinema feeling, however, you should consider an upgrade with a soundbar. These are available for small living rooms or as a huge sound system, which will improve the sound experience significantly. If you want to know more about the purchase and the right soundbar for you, we have collected everything you need to know about soundbars in another article.

The Q70T supports Dolby formats, but not DTS – as always with Samsung devices. However, thanks to the HDMI eARC interface, Dolby Atmos is available via Dolby True HD.

sound Samsung Q70T QLED
  • Dolby Atmos via Dolby True-HD
  • No DTS
  • 2.0 channels with 20W
  • Missing basses, but still quite loud

Modern Smart Features with Tizen 5.5

Just like all other QLED TVs from Samsung and all devices that came out in 2020, the Q70T uses the Smart Os Tizen 5.5 The operating system has some useful features integrated, such as Apple AirPlay 2, Samsung Bixby and support for the Google Assistant. For Amazons Alexa an additional device is required, but is otherwise also compatible with the Q70T. A Twin Tuner is also integrated and also functions like PVR and Time Shift.

A number of streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video, Netflix and Disney+ are also pre-installed. A smart home application is also integrated for all QLED models from Samsung. With Samsung Smart Things, the TV becomes the control centre for all smart home applications, which can then also be controlled with the supplied remote control, the Smart OneRemote.

smarttv Samsung Q70T QLED
Smart TV
  • Intuitive Tizen 5.5 OS
  • Apple AirPlay 2
  • Twin Tuner
  • PVR & Time Shift
  • All current streaming services
  • Voice control
  • Samsung Smart Things

Great for gaming, with some weaknesses

The Q70T is a 4K television that performs well in almost all categories. Compared to last year’s Q70R, however, the lack of Full Array Local Dimming makes it more of a downgrade. The picture quality is nevertheless convincing, although the picture looks blurred in bright rooms or when viewed at an oblique angle. Especially in the gaming category, the Q70T can unfold its full potential and is excellently equipped for current and upcoming consoles with its low input lag, VRR via FreeSync and the HDMI 2.1 connection. So for gamers a solid entry-level device to play games with 4K and 120 fps!

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  • Deep Blacks
  • Contrast Ratio: 7100:1
  • FreeSync VRR
  • 120 Hz VA-Panel
  • HDR10+
  • Dolby Atmos
  • HDMI 2.1
  • Viewing Angle
  • No DTS
  • No Dolby Vision
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Alternatives to the Samsung Q70T QLED

Samsung Q70R
The predecessor by name

The Q70R is namely the predecessor of the Q70T, but is still more of a downgrade compared to its predecessor. With Full Array Local Dimming and a better maximum brightness, the Q70R scores much better in terms of picture quality. The Q70R also has an unsurpassed response time of 3.6 ms, which improves its motion handling. However, it doesn’t have an HDMI 2.1 connection, which means that gaming with the upcoming consoles won’t be able to be played with a 4K resolution at 120 fps. But if you don’t want to play games on this TV, you should rather use the Q70R.

Samsung 82Q70R

Samsung Q60R
The actual predecessor

These two televisions are relatively similar. The Samsung Q70T’s picture quality is slightly better than last year’s Q60R. It has better contrast and the maximum brightness is a bit higher. The black is also more even than in its predecessor. However, the Q60R’s motion handling is outstanding due to its good response time and the Q70T can hardly keep up with this. An advantage that the Q70T has is the HDMI 2.1 interface, which is interesting for gaming with new consoles to play games with a resolution of 4K at 120 fps.

Samsung 82Q60R
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