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Sony A90J OLED with optimized panel - The best 2021 TV?

With the Sony A90J OLED, the Korean manufacturer will undoubtedly launch an impressive TV in 2021, which will probably only be matched by very few other TVs in terms of features and picture quality.

However, a total of three OLED TVs with improved panels will be launched in 2021, so the battle for first place could be really tight. But with Sony’s unique sound features, the A90J is still a bit ahead of the LG G1 and the Panasonic JZ2000, which gives it an advantage that should not be underestimated, especially in the home cinema area.

There are also good news for the gamers among us. In the high-end range, there will be considerably more models with HDMI 2.1 and all the associated features this year.

While this doesn’t necessarily make the choice any easier, it does make it more convenient to find the TV that suits you best without having to make many sacrifices – and the competition between manufacturers naturally means that we can expect new, innovative features in the individual devices.

Sony A90J OLED Prices

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Premium design and processing

You have to hand it to Sony for this high-end TV. It simply looks and feels absolutely high-quality. Its design itself is quite simple, but the TV can fit perfectly into almost any living room thanks to the extremely thin metal frame and the slim-looking feet.

The feet can be attached in three different ways. In one position, they are located to the right and left of the display, so that the TV itself is flush with the base. If the feet are centered, the A90J can be placed on a smaller surface, but it is a bit more wobbly. Last but not least, there is the “soundbar” positioning of the feet. The stands are very far apart and support the TV very well. There is also enough room to place a soundbar under the TV without it protruding into the picture.

However, if you want to use a wall mount, you’ll be pleased to find that the Sony A90J also does very well on the wall. The small depth and the narrow frame make the TV look really outstanding on the wall as well!
It should be noted that the interfaces are not all aligned towards the picture side, but also downwards. That makes them somewhat difficult to reach in some circumstances.

verarbeitung Sony A90J OLED
  • High quality design
  • Metal front
  • Narrow frame
  • Extremely flat
  • Clean processing
  • 3-way multi-position stand
3-way multi-position stand © Sony
3-way multi-position stand © Sony

Innovative OLED panel with revolutionary image processing of the Sony A90J

It is probably common knowledge by now that the picture quality of OLED TVs is usually outstanding. But the new Sony high-end OLED TV adds something to the picture quality!

Like other OLED TVs, it also has perfect blacks, which comes with a theoretically infinite contrast ratio. Its panel has also been optimized, allowing the Sony TV to get brighter for longer periods of time without the Automatic Brightness Limiter having to intervene or damage the organic LEDs. It normally reaches a peak brightness of ~850Nits, which is a really good value for an OLED. It can’t get nearly as bright as Samsung’s LED-LCD flagship QN90A, but it’s enough to show HDR content with Dolby Vision very well and to bring out brighter details.

Although the picture quality decreases in fairly bright rooms, the A90J can still keep up with most TVs even under these conditions. One reason for this is the excellent reflection behavior, which reduces any reflections very well. Furthermore, it has an extremely wide viewing angle, so the picture quality is not, or only very slightly, affected even under very oblique angles.

But it’s not just the new panel that makes the Sony A90J one of the best TVs of 2021. The new Cognitive Processor XR used for image processing optimizes the image to be displayed immensely so that it gives a natural impression. This really makes a world of difference. Other manufacturers do this as well, of course, but not as well as Sony so far.

bildqualitaet Sony A90J OLED
Picture Quality
  • 10 Bit OLED Panel
  • Perfect Blacks
  • Contrast Ratio ∞:1
  • Peak Brightness ~850Nits
  • Automatic Brightness Limiter
  • Dolby Vision
  • Reflection Handling & Viewing Angle
  • Natural Image Processing

Superior motion handling

With its 120Hz panel and an almost instantaneous response time, the Sony A90J leaves hardly anything to be desired in terms of motion handling. Movements are displayed smoothly and there is almost no motion blur. If a particularly sharp eye does notice something, this can be further minimized by the Black Frame Insertion feature. However, the brightness of the TV is minimized when using the BFI, which can be much more annoying for most than the barely noticeable motion blur.

The low response time also has a disadvantage though. Stutter can occur with low frame rate content. For example, the image can stutter a bit during slow camera pans, but this can be cleaned up by the interframe calculation. However, the soap opera effect is visible here, which is not necessarily everyone’s cup of tea.

Judder can also be cleaned up from all sources.

motionhandling Sony A90J OLED
Motion Handling
  • 120Hz Panel
  • Response Time <1ms
  • Stutter can be fixed
  • 120Hz Black Frame Insertion Feature
  • Free from Judder

Well advertised by Sony, but not quite complete yet

With the outstanding motion handling and the low input lag of about 12ms at [email protected], gaming is of course a great experience. It also has an HDMI 2.1 interface and Dolby Vision.

This sounds quite good at first, but unfortunately the Variable Refresh Rate and the Auto Low Latency Mode are not yet available at the time of writing this article and will only be made available in a future software update. When exactly that will be the case remains to be seen. Whether you still give Sony a benefit of the doubt after doing the same with the 2020 XH90 is something everyone has to decide for themselves – but there are still the issues with VRR with the X900H to this day.

If these specs aren’t that important to you, you’ll still get an excellent TV for gaming. However, if you want a TV with Dolby Vision, VRR, ALLM and [email protected] out of the box, you won’t find it in the Sony A90J just yet. Instead, you can take a look at the LG G1, which has these features out of the box.

gaming Sony A90J OLED
  • Input lag ~12ms
  • Motion Handling
  • Dolby Vision
  • HDMI 2.1
  • No VRR yet
  • No ALLM yet

Thrilling sound that comes directly from the screen

That Sony can really score in terms of sound compared to almost all other manufacturers has already been proven in the last few years with the A8 and AG9.

The 60W 2.2 channel sound system also uses the Acoustic Surface Audio+ feature, where the sound really comes from the center of the screen. There are actuators behind the display that turn it into a speaker – so you are right in the middle of the action.

It has two integrated 10W subwoofers that produce the essential bass, but they cannot produce quite as much low bass due to the TV’s low volume.

The TV also has Sony’s Acoustic Auto Calibration, which adjusts the sound to the room and the viewer’s position. Both DTS and Dolby Atmos are available as audio formats for the A90J via HDMI eARC, so you can create a truly enveloping cinema atmosphere with a suitable soundbar or sound system. The OLED can also be integrated into the sound system as a center speaker, so you don’t have to miss the Acoustic Surface Audio+ feature even when using an AV receiver.

sound Sony A90J OLED
  • 2.2 channels with 60W (RMS)
  • Slightly weak bass
  • Automatic room correction
  • DTS & Dolby Atmos

Google TV - Android in a new look on the A90J

From now on, Sony is the first manufacturer to use Google TV as the smart operating system for its TVs. But actually, the new operating system mainly changes the look of the previously used Android operating system. Navigating through the user interface is really intuitive and also very smooth. There is a huge number of apps and even more can be installed through the Google Play Store.

But actually, the apps are somewhat out of focus with the new operating system. So, if you are looking for a certain series or movie, you do not have to open 5 different apps and search for it one after the other, but can conveniently let the Google TV operating system do the job and start streaming immediately. Of course, you still need the subscriptions for the respective streaming services.

As expected, the Google TV Smart OS already has the Google Assistant integrated as a voice assistant, which can be used to comfortably navigate through the system. The use of Amazon Alexa is also possible, but requires a third-party device.

Apple users can also look forward to some features. The high-end TV supports Airplay 2 and Apple Homekit. A twin tuner is also available, but as always with Sony, only the USB recording function is supported and not time-shifted TV.

smarttv Sony A90J OLED
Smart TV
  • Google TV
  • Intuitive & smooth handling
  • Huge selection of apps
  • Voice assistants
  • Google Assistant (integrated)
  • Amazon Alexa (compatible)
  • Twin Tuner
  • PVR
  • No Time Shift

One of the best TVs in 2021 with some slight weaknesses

That the Sony A90J will be one of the top 3 TVs of 2021 was already apparent before its release. Thanks to the optimized OLED panel and the superior image optimization algorithms of the Cognitive Processor XR, it has an unprecedented picture quality that the LG G1 and the Panasonic JZW2004 have yet to achieve. In addition, it has the excellent motion handling typical of OLEDs, which means that movements are displayed clearly and virtually no motion blur is noticeable.

This and the superior sound features make it a perfect option in the high-end sector, especially for home cinema. However, the gaming performance still leaves a few wishes unfulfilled. Although there is an HDMI 2.1 interface, there is no Variable Refresh Rate and no Auto Low Latency Mode – according to Sony, these will be added via an update at some point. But even without these features, you can have a great gaming experience on the A90J, which comes from the low input lag and the great picture quality in combination with Dolby Vision.

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Almost perfect TV for home cinema with great picture & sound characteristics
  • Beeindruckende Bildqualität
  • Motion Handling
  • Betrachtungswinkel
  • HDMI 2.1
  • Acoustic Surface Audio+
  • Keine Variable Refresh Rate
  • Kein Auto Low Latency Mode

Sony A90J OLED Prices

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