Philips 7304 “The One”


“The One to take home” – this is how Philips advertises “The One”: A 4K TV that is supposedly up to any task. According to the manufacturer, the Philips 7304 is the most important TV of the year and meets all the needs of the average consumer: stylish design, sufficient size and a budget-friendly price. Let us see what’s behind it.

Workmanship and design

The Philips 7304 is part of the so-called Performance Series and scores with a discreet and simple design that doesn’t push itself into the foreground. Only when the atmospheric Philips Ambilight comes on, the TV suddenly pops out. Handily, the TV can be rotated 20 to 30 degrees on the T-shaped stand to adjust the viewing angle accordingly. The slim chassis and the stable stand make the 7304 look very high-quality. Please note that this TV is only available in Europe and the UK.

Picture quality of the Philips 7304

The Philips 7304 is one of the few TVs that supports all HDR formats: HLG, HDR10, HDR10+, and Dolby Vision. The Dutch-Chinese manufacturer is currently one of only a few to offer this. The picture itself is very good thanks to the P5 Picture Engine.

Depending on the screen size, the display is a VA or IPS panel, so we advise you to choose carefully. The advantages of VA panels are the deeper blacks as well as a higher contrast ratio, which is at the expense of the viewing angle. Thus, VA panels are better for dark rooms. IPS panels, however, take a different approach: Here the viewing angle is considerably wider, but the blacks are not as deep. This in turn limits the contrast. For a wide seating area IPS panels are therefore more recommended.

As with most current Philips TVs, there is a 3-sided Ambilight, which enriches the TV environment with atmospheric light. The Ambilight can also be combined with Philips Hue lights. It is available in the sizes 43, 50, 55, 58, 65 and 70 inches.

Motion handling and gaming

Motion handling is great thanks to the P5 chip. Fast content is played back without visible delays and looks clear. It’s perfect for gaming. As expected, the picture is good, but unfortunately gaming extras have been saved here. The input lag is 23ms, which is a very good value, but a bit slower compared to a Samsung RU8000 for example. There is no VRR and no HDMI 2.1 – but the Auto Low Latency Mode. If you turn on your Xbox or Playstation to play video games after work every now and then, the 7304 will definitely be good enough. But if you’re more demanding and enjoy gaming at competitive levels, another TV might be better. However, you won’t get Ambilight on other sets, which of course also works for gaming and creates an atmospheric ambience.

Average sound quality

The sound quality is better than with other flat screen TVs, but no stunning results should be expected here. Due to the flat design, the built-in speakers are not particularly large, of course, but are adapted to the TV’s frame. Together they produce 20 W. As part of the Dolby Cinema package, the Philips TV supports the dynamic surround format Dolby Atmos, but these small loudspeakers lack the necessary rumble to reproduce such sounds effectively. Depending on your requirements, an investment in a corresponding soundbar is worthwhile.

Smart TV features of the Philips 7304

The Philips 7304 is a Smart TV based on Android 9 Pie. The available Smart Features are excellent and the most popular apps are of course pre-installed. This applies for example to YouTube, Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. The included remote control also has hotkeys for streaming services – which saves a lot of unnecessary clicking. The remote control can also be used for voice control of the 7304. Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa are supported.

Model variants of the Philips 7304

ModelScreen sizePanelSound
Philips 43PUS730443 ZollIPS2.0 20 W
Philips 50PUS730450 ZollVA2.0 20 W
Philips 55PUS730455 ZollIPS2.0 20 W
Philips 58PUS730458 ZollVA2.0 20 W
Philips 65PUS730465 ZollIPS2.0 20 W
Philips 70PUS730470 ZollVA2.0 20 W
Philips 75PUS735475 ZollIPS2.0 20 W

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The One to take home?

Philips PUS7304 “The One” is a good mid-range television from the Philip Performance Series that meets the needs of average users. Here, chic design and powerful technology come together. It has some small weaknesses, but scores with good performance in movies and HDR videos. There are better devices for gaming, but that doesn’t mean that the 7304 is bad here. With the Philips 7304 one finds a good device that is especially suitable for movies and series, as it supports all HDR formats. With DTS, Dolby Digital and even Dolby Atmos, it integrates wonderfully into an existing sound system.

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  • 3-sided Ambilight
  • Dolby Vision & HDR10+
  • Android 9.0
  • P5 Picture Processing Engine
  • Dolby Atmos
43'', 55'' & 65'': IPS-Panel!
  • No Local Dimming
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