VR (Virtual Reality)

Virtual Reality, abbreviated VR, refers to a computer-generated simulation of three-dimensional objects or environments. These systems can be used in a variety of ways. For example, in video games for entertainment, educational and training purposes – such as flight simulations – and in medical purposes, like virtual surgery.

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Playing and working in digital spaces with VR

It all starts with a pair of VR glasses. Here, a high-resolution, identical image of a previously defined 3D environment is generated on both sides. As soon as we put on the digital glasses and look through them, our brain superimposes both parts of the image and practically forms a complete scene.

Based on this principle, depth perception, so-called spatial vision, becomes possible. Sensors detect the user’s head movements and adjust the display accordingly. Since we cannot see beyond the edges of the glasses, the immersive impression is further enhanced.Β 

In order to experience virtual reality as well as possible, you need not only the actual glasses or a headset, but also a powerful computer or a modern game console. Separate controllers, such as the Move Motion solution from Sony, are used for hand tracking and other control elements. VR systems also allow you to interact with objects in the environment and manipulate them.

Development and suitability for everyday use

The first commercially successful solutions were introduced in the 2010s. Companies such as Oculus, which is now part of the Meta platform, Sony with PlayStation VR and PlayStation VR2, and HTC with its Vive have pushed the development of this technology.

Although the concept has not yet really reached the mainstream, its market is growing steadily and becoming more accessible. Especially in the areas of gaming and entertainment VR has already achieved a noticeable increase in influence.

Immersion in virtual worldsHigh acquisition costs
Interactive learning and trainingTechnical requirements and compatibility issues
Training simulations in medicine, military and aviationHealth risks such as nausea, disorientation, headaches
New dimension for entertainment and gamesPotential social isolation
Virtual journeys to inaccessible placesSafety concerns due to lack of awareness of the real environment
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