AUX (Abbr. for auxiliary)

Using the so-called AUX connection, headphones or additional speakers can be connected via an analog link to a TV, monitor or other external source. This type of connection thus offers a relatively inexpensive option for sound transmission. However, modern televisions rarely come equipped with a matching jack.

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AUX: Connection in stereo and mono

Usually, a 3.5 mm stereo jack with a so-called male connector is used for the link. Larger 6.35 mm variants can be connected via a corresponding adapter. For two-channel sound you need a stereo plug. Recognizable by two black contact points. To connect a subwoofer, a plug-in jack with a mono signal is sufficient. Accordingly, only one connection point is provided here.

A matter of equipment

To achieve the best possible quality, you should use a cable with high shielding and solid quality. An additional important factor is the output source. Although the sound quality can be comparatively good with high-quality equipment, digital alternatives such as Toslink, ARC or eARC are available that offer even higher audio quality.

Caution: A more common problem that can cause interference or distortion in the sound is a loose fit in the connector socket. Therefore, always check whether the plug is actually firmly anchored.

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AUX (Abbr. for auxiliary)
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