Using the useful Timeshift function, your television automatically records the current program in the background as soon as you interrupt the broadcast. To do this, you usually use the pause button on the remote control. As soon as you are back, you can easily resume the broadcast by pressing the play button and continue at the same point.

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Requirements for using Timeshift 

To be able to use the feature, special hardware – for example, an internal memory – or external solutions in the form of a USB stick or an external hard disk are necessary. To ensure the smoothest possible operation, you should also consider some additional aspects. 

Basically, the programme provider determines whether you can pause programmes and thus record them temporarily or not. While this is usually not a problem with SD channels, some HD channels may have this restriction. Of course, Timeshift will not work on such channels.

Timeshift memory limited

There is also the possibility that you will run out of dedicated buffer memory when using the feature. Thus, buffering the content of the programme could be limited to a certain period of time and, for example, lead to the content continuing to run automatically as soon as the memory buffer is full.

Therefore, if in doubt, make sure that the break is not too long or that the content is recorded regularly in the meantime in order to guarantee proper storing. Remember this also in case of a channel change. Once the channel has been switched, the original program will be deleted.

Timeshift Infographic
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