The RCA connector is used for analog transfer of picture and sound and consists of a red and a white jack. This port is mainly used for video players, hi-fi systems and speakers.

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Sound signals are transmitted and received via a forward and return channel on an electromagnetic basis. To quickly identify the correct channel, the connectors are color coded. White represents the left and red marks the right one.

In general, this transmission system is quite noise-sensitive due to the analog signal. Even the AC frequency of 50 Hertz can cross the connection and thus negatively affect it.

That’s why we advise using a cable with good shielding. Apart from that, you should make sure to connect devices only when they are switched off to avoid damage to the hardware components wherever possible.

Tip 1: A shorter signal path, meaning the length of the cable, improves the transmission quality.

Tip 2: If your external player, such as a smartphone, does not have a corresponding connection, you can use an AUX adapter for transmission, which has not only a jack plug, but also two RCA connectors.

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