Bass reflex

The term bass reflex is a construction concept in relation to loudspeakers, which allows to reproduce low frequencies in an amplified way. Visually recognizable by one or more openings in the resonance cabinet – also known as a bass reflex tube.

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Essential for your home cinema

As an essential factor, the bass reflex system has a significant influence on the audio quality of movies, series and music, because a deep, powerful bass reproduction can be realized on this basis. A full-fledged home theater should therefore always have a powerful subwoofer.

Technically, the idea dates back to the German physicist Paul Voigt. At the end of the 19th century, Voigt experimented with resonance, in other words the amplified resonance of a body, in order to improve the sound of musical instruments. However, development was invented and patented by the Danish engineer Ole Hermansen in the 1930s.

The principle is based on the use of a special casing that has an opening or a channel called a bass reflex tube. This tube allows the air to exit the speakers body. This creates a vibration that intensifies the bass frequencies.

Numerous manufacturers have since implemented the technology in their speaker designs, using it as a basis to achieve a higher dynamic range in the lower frequency spectrum and thus ensure a more immersive sound experience.

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