PIP (Picture-in-picture)

The Picture-in-Picture, in short PIP, is an operating mode that enables the simultaneous visualisation of two sources on one screen. Depending on the range a device has to offer, you can select different arrangements of the sections and source combinations. For example, the display can be the same size next to each other or as a larger main window and a smaller secondary window.

More Information about PIP (Picture-in-picture)

Available on many display devices

The feature is available on many modern TV sets and can be activated either directly via the remote control or out of the menu. What sources can be played simultaneously can vary in each case depending on the manufacturer and model. While the picture content is displayed simultaneously, only one of the two audio tracks is accessible at a time. Simultaneous playback or mixing is normally not possible

A benefit of this functionality consists in the fact that the user can display multiple contents on one screen at the same time without having to constantly switch between the inputs. This way, two sources can theoretically be followed at the same time and compared if necessary.Β 

But beware: Using it naturally limits space and may not utilise the entire screen area. In doing so, visibility may be affected and, as a result, readability may become more difficult. There is also the possibility of visual overload and mental distraction due to a sensory overload of information.

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