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Philips OLED705 – 2020 OLED among the 2021 models

Published 04/15/21
Update 09/09/21

The Philips OLED705 was introduced in the 2021 line-up and still belongs to the 2020 models, as Philips did not really get the model ready for the market last year. Among other things, this is revealed by the model name and the use of Android 9 instead of 10.

But one thing is certain: an OLED at a low price is always an eye-catcher, but we take a closer look at the TV and check whether it is worth buying or whether you have to do without too many things. However, one should keep in mind that Philips does not sell TVs in the United States. Therefore, this article is probably more interesting for people from the UK, since the OLED 705 can be purchased there.

Of course, the OLED TV has Ambilight, which is practically the trademark of the Dutch-Chinese technology company. With the help of this feature and the comparatively low price, it tries to stand out from other OLED TVs. But can it really succeed, or would it be better to steer clear of the TV?

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Flat and elegant design

The OLED705 from Philips impresses with its almost frameless screen and flat design. As a result, it fits seamlessly into almost any living room and cuts a good figure everywhere. Even the narrow feet are convincing, as the TV seems to float when they are used.

Of course, the OLED705 also has the famous Ambilight, which is mounted on three sides of this model. This beams an atmospheric light onto the wall, which visually enlarges the TV screen and immerses the viewer in the action.

Especially when the TV is mounted on the wall with a suitable wall mount, the Ambilight feature comes into its own. In addition, the TV itself is really something to behold when it is mounted on the wall. This is mainly due to the low depth of the device in combination with the extremely narrow frame. Conveniently, the interfaces are also aligned towards the edge of the screen, so that they can be reached very easily even when using a rigid wall mount.

verarbeitung Philips OLED705
  • High-quality processing
  • Almost frameless screen
  • Slim feet
  • 3-sided Ambilight
  • Cable management

Outstanding OLED picture quality

Since the Philips TV is equipped with an OLED panel, it is not really surprising that the TV can produce perfect blacks and a theoretically infinitely high contrast ratio. Thanks to the wide viewing angle, the whole family can watch together without any problems and without the picture quality suffering. The TV also features Dolby Vision, which brings out the best in HDR content.

Thanks to the P5 Perfect Picture Engine, the pictures always look brilliant and skin tones in particular come across very naturally. The contrast ratio is also convincing and every detail is visible and movements are fluid. However, the processor comes without AI/KI and the HDR upscaling function Perfect Natural Reality is unfortunately not available. This means that the built-in processor is weaker compared to the OLED805.

bildqualitaet Philips OLED705
Picture Quality
  • 10 Bit OLED Panel
  • Perfect Blacks
  • Contrast Eatio ∞:1
  • Wide Viewing Angle
  • P5 Perfect Picture Engine
  • Dolby Vision & HDR10+
  • Minimal Reflections

Excellent motion handling of the OLED705

Thanks to the OLED panel, the motion handling of the Philips OLED705 is really impressive. It uses a 120Hz panel, which has a response time of 1ms. Therefore, there should be virtually no motion blur – and if you do see some, you really need to have a sharp eye! Since the movements are displayed extremely smoothly, gaming and watching sporting events is particularly fun.

However, the low response time also has a downside. Especially when content is to be displayed with a high refresh rate, it can lead to stuttering, e.g. when the camera is panned slowly – the movement does not appear quite as fluid. This problem is not quite as serious, however, as it can be compensated for by switching on the Motion Interpolation feature.

Judder can be removed from most sources.
motionhandling Philips OLED705
Motion Handling
  • 120 Hz panel
  • Response Time 1ms
  • Stutter can be removed

Gaming features that could be better

Thanks to the extremely convincing motion handling and the great picture quality, gaming on the Philips OLED is also a lot of fun. The TV is very well suited for general gaming at [email protected], as its input lag is quite low at around 15ms. Thanks to the Auto Low-Latency Mode (ALLM), the TV immediately detects when a console is connected and switches to gaming mode, which keeps the input lag as low as possible.

Unfortunately, unlike the 2021 OLED 706 model, the OLED705 does not have an HDMI 2.1 interface. As a result, it lacks some features that could be quite useful for the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X. As a result, the TV does not support content in 4K with a refresh rate of 120Hz, nor does it have a variable refresh rate, which can lead to screen tearing. However, if you can do without this, it is also perfectly suitable for the two Next Gen consoles.

gaming Philips OLED705
  • Great motion handling
  • Input Lag 15ms
  • Auto Low-Latency Mode
  • No HDMI 2.1
  • No VRR

Surprisingly good sound of the Philips OLED705

The built-in 2.1 channel system consists of two 10 watt speakers and a 30 watt subwoofer, which deliver a really surprisingly good sound in combination. However, due to the flat design of the TV, the bass can be a little poor, but this can easily be remedied by connecting a soundbar or hi-fi system. Dolby Atmos, DTS-HD and DTS Play-Fi are also supported, even if you have to do without an HDMI-eARC connection.

sound Philips OLED705
  • 2.1 channel with 50 watts
  • Dolby Atmos
  • DTS-HD & DTS Play-Fi
  • Poor Bass
  • No HDMI-eARC

Smart features thanks to Android 9.0

The in-house operating system Saphi has also been replaced by Android 9.0 Pie in the OLED705. This means that Google Assistant is already integrated into the TV and Alexa can be connected via a third-party device. This makes operating the user interface a breeze if the remote control is too cumbersome. Furthermore, the operating system runs intuitively and very smoothly. In addition, all popular streaming services are pre-installed, so you don’t have to miss out on your favourite films and series. Of course, you can easily find more apps in the Google Play Store.

Unfortunately, the TV does not have a twin tuner, but Time Shift and USB recording work without problems.

smarttv Philips OLED705
Smart TV
  • Android 9.0 Pie
  • Integrated Google Assistant
  • Alexa-compatible via third-party device
  • Google Play Store
  • Huge selection of apps
  • Timeshift + PVR
  • Twin tuner

A good OLED at a reasonable price

The OLED705 hardly differs from its big brother, as it comes with almost the same features as the OLED805. It can also convince with an impressive picture and a wide viewing angle, although it does not perform quite as well in bright rooms.

Nevertheless, the TV can convince home cinema fans in particular, as the exclusive Ambilight feature makes watching films and series a real pleasure. Of course, the 705 is also good for gaming, but it doesn’t have all the gaming features of other TVs that have an HDMI 2.1 interface. However, it is still a lot of fun to play games on the OLED – but unfortunately not tearing-free, as it does not have a Variable Refresh Rate. The biggest difference is probably the weaker P5 Perfect Picture Engine processor, which has to do without Al/KI and the HDR upscaling function Perfect Natural Reality.

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Data sheets Philips OLED705

Frequently asked questions about Philips OLED705

The Philips has 4 HDMI 2.0 inputs but no HDMI 2.1 input, one USB 3.0 port, one USB 2.0 port, a 3.5mm headphone jack, a digital optical TOSLINK output
The Philips OLED705 is dimensioned without stand as follows (WxHxD):
  • 55 Inch: 1227,8 x 705,6 x 49,3 mm
  • 65 Inch: 1448,7 x 841,2 x 49,3 mm
The Philips OLED705 is compatible with the following wall mounts:
  • 55 Inch: 300x300 mm
  • 65 Inch: 300x300 mm
The Philips OLED705 costs as follows:
  • 55 Inch:
  • 65 Inch:
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* All prices are in USD incl. VAT, if necessary plus shipping. Interim changes of prices, ranking, delivery time and costs are possible. Last update 2021-09-03 20:19:49
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